WEDNESDAY December 12, 2018


Rivea – Taj Airport Hotel

(Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Domestic Terminal, Vile Parle East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099)

REGISTRATION: December 12, 2018


10:00 - 01:00: Recovery of identification badge (required at entrances),


Please take care and wear it for the Congress attendance



(conferees & special Invites only)

Royal Opera House

(Mama Paramanand Marg, Opera House, Girgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004)

On December 12, 2018, 7 pm

(Inauguration details will be in the invite)



  • * Lighting of the lamp by renowned celebrities & dignitaries

  • * Opening Address

  • * Performances by Veterans & Celebrities

Followed By

Welcome evening with conferees introducing themselves wherever seated/ Official photographs / Press call


THURSDAY 13 December, 2018

(LECTURE) MAXIS - Taj Airport Hotel

 Chair: Smt Indu Raman / Dr Suman Badami

09.40: Renu Sharma (India)

The energising and transforming potency of spoken syllables

The power of ‘BOL Padhant’ in Kathak

10.00: Dr. Sailaja Desai (India)

Neuroaesthetics - New horizon in applying the science of the Brain to the Art of dance.

10.20: Dr. Raghunath Manet (Pondicherry)

The scenario for Indian Dance in France.

10.40: Dr Adrianna Banio (Poland)

Factors condition “the feel of a partner” in ballroom dance.

11.00: Sriram Emani (USA)

(Co-founder and CEO of IndianRaga)

‘When Classical goes viral’

11.20: Tejas Merh (India)

Dance - an aphonic connection

The presentation will focus on Kathak as a tool to improve social interaction

and self-esteem in speech and hearing impaired students.

11.40: Rafal Matysiak (Poland)

Improving lives of elderly people through dance lessons

12.00: Ms  Charanya Gurusathya (India)

Catalyst for Stress Busting ‐ Dance

12.20: Anurag Chauhan (India)

The Art of an Artist ‐ connecting with the mirroring heart

12.40: Yael Schweitzer (USA)

The Dance of Mindfulness - Integrating Mindfulness and Dance/Movement Therapy in MB-DMT

1.00: Neha Bannerjee (India)

Connecting the Dance to the Non-Dancer

 (WORKSHOP) THURSDAY 13 December, 2018

RIVEA - Taj Airport Hotel


9.30: Abhishek Rathod (India)

The contemporary quest through an Indian Soul (India)

10.00: Sanjeev Jimmy Wadhwa (India)

The folkform from Sandalbar now very much a part of the Punjab heritage

10.30: Renu Sharma (India)

A Muliti-dimensional Dance Workshop incorporating the essence

of ALL dance forms explored through Songs of love

11.00: Sushma Bane (India)

'Dance, yoga and inner healing for lifestyle and psychosomatic ailments'

11.30: PadmashriIleana Citaristi (India)

‘In step with Odissi’

12.00: Dr. Sunil Sunkara (India)

Workshop on Sufi Kathak

(Teaching various types of spins and movements connected with Sufi ethos)

12.30: Mave Velo, Caroline Liechti, Albena Horozova (SWITZERLAND)

Moving into movements with Hip-hop

1.00: Ashley Lobo (India)

Founder Director - The Dance worx

‘Prana Paint™’ technique by Ashley Lobo

‘Prana Paint™’ technique is a unique sensitizing approach developed by Indian-Australian choreographer Ashley Lobo to explore movement through yoga, breath, connectivity and touch to help a dancer go deeper within. This notable technique has put him on the international map and led to him being invited to teach and choreograph overseas.


(LECTURE) FRIDAY, 14 December, 2018

MAXIS - Taj Airport Hotel

Chair: Dr. Sailaja Desai / Dr. Raghunath Manet

09.40: Sushma Bane (India)

‘Classical Dance: Meditation in motion’

Tracing the parallels between the two ancient forms of Bharata Natyam and

Yoga and throwing light on their interdependence

10.00: Fiona Gardner (Australia)

Performance Ethnography-Australia Meets India

10.20: Ms. Moli Siddharth (India)

‘Move & be moved’

The process of evolution of Kathak – An experiential journey

10.40: Dance Critic - Ms Bhanu Kumar (India)

Impact of dance in mirroring, transforming and reaching out

11.00: Padma Bhushan Dr Kanak Rele (India)

Convergence of Theory and Practice in Dance forms

‘Move and be moved’

11.20: Ms. Indu Raman (India)

“Revive & Preserve our heritage”

An audio – visual lecture highlighting the importance & necessity

of presetving our cultural traditions

11.40: Dr Sunil Sunkara (India)

Kathavaachan tradition of Kathak- A tool for Spiritual communication

12.00: Diego Marin (Mexico)

Dance For Everyone:

A co-operation project for the welfare of vulnerable populations

12.20: Dr. Mr. Constantin Kontogiannis - Vice-President, Paris Section CID

Issues on Dance and Christian Worship

12.40 : Dr. Suman Badami (India)

Classical Bharata Natyam in the information age: Creation, Connection and Curation

1.00: Jigar Thaleswar Soni & Suhrad Soni (India)

The reality of Indian dances in Indian dance reality shows.


(WORKSHOP) FRIDAY, 14 December, 2018

Rivea - Taj Airport Hotel


9.30: Dr Rajyalakshmi Seth (India)

Learning Kuchipudi Dance technique with notation

10.00: Paullumi Mukherjee & Charushila Golam (India)

Motivating dancing feet to gather the synergies of Kathak & Lavani

10.30: Shri Krishna Subramanian (India)

Aesthetics of digital music composing with impromptu

sessions with dancers of various styles

11.00: Yael Schweitzer (USA)

The Dance of Mindfulness - Integrating Mindfulness and Dance/Movement Therapy in MB-DMT

11.30: Deep Mehta (India)

Integrating Dressing of Contemporary dance with Indian Kinesthetics

12.00: Peter de Grasse & J.J. Gregg (USA)

‘Malkauns Meditation’

Choreographer Peter de Grasse's collaboration with sitar player J.J. Gregg during which

de Grasse will use Western contemporary dance forms as a visual compliment to the weighty, meditative journey of the raga.

12.30: Maya Devi - Monica Fontana (Italy) - Sufi Qawwali dance

A Mystical Sufi dance of the Indian Tradition.

1.00: Sean Gavan (Netherlands)

The soul essence of Irish Dance


(LECTURE) SATURDAY, 15 December, 2018

Maxis - Taj Airport Hotel

CHAIR: - Ms. Renu Sharma / Dr. Sailaja Desai

10.20: Ms. Jalpa Vithalani (India)

‘Receiving to give and giving to receive’

The harmonious cycle of the visual and performing arts

10.40: Shri Deepak Mazumdar (India)

The  neutral zone of equanimity in dance

11.00: Smt. Vyjayanthi Kashi (India)

Burning soul of the dancer in the real world

11.20: Ms Smita Gik Parikh (India)

‘Dancing the WORD’

The need to reconnect to the poet within through the delineated word

11.40: Ms Jayaprabha Menon (India)

The changing ‘Mohini’ in today's dance of the enchantress

12.00: Dr Sandhya Purecha (India)

The discordant odds against dancers even as those

dancing feet even chords and life

12.20: Dr Rajyalakshmi Seth (India)

Notation System in Indian Classical Dances with special reference to Kuchipudi.

12.40: Monique Meunier (USA)

An audio visual presentation.

(WORKSHOP) SATURDAY, 15 December, 2018

Rivea - Taj Airport Hotel


9.30: Sheela Mehta (India)

The visual poetry of Kathak

10.00: Indu Raman (India)

Move with movements

A workshop helping dancers to innovate with the potency of pure and expressional dance.

10.30: Shri N N Sivaprasad (India)

Creating the mood with music-the soul of all Dance forms

Interactive session with chords and dancing feet bringing to life poems, words

11.00: Shri Deepak Mazumdar (India)

Dancing the moods and moving into the nondual

11.30: Ms Rashmi Mishra (India)

Dhunuchi Dance performed during Durga Pooja with lit earthen pots

propitaiating the energising light that is Shakti Incarnate.

12.00: Dr. Raghunath Manet (Pondicherry)

The dance of Shiva

12.30: Mr Sreejith T.R (India)

The synergy of Kalari and Indian Contemporary dance form

1.00: Fiona Gardner (Australia)

Contact improvisation: The basic power of touch

1.30: A workshop to have dancing feet create a culminating moment of oneness in the performance evening of December 15, 2018



Programme Venues:

Royal Opera House – December 12, 2018, 7 PM

Pt. V D Paluskar Sabhagriha
Nagbrahma Mandir, Madhusudan Kalelkar Marg,
Bandra East, Mumbai - 400051, Kala Nagar
December 13, 2018, 6.30 PM

Tata Theatre NCPA, Nariman point – December 14, 2018, 6.30 PM

ISKCON Auditorium, Juhu – December 15, 2018, 6.30 pm

Taj Airport Hotel, Mumbai – December 15, 2018, 9.30 am

Bus arranged only for registered Delegates from abroad and staying in the Taj Airport Hotel and stipulated hotels mentioned (around the Taj Airport Hotel) in the link of the section will leave at 4.30 pm on December 12, 2018, at 3.45 pm on December 13, 2018 at 3.45 pm on December 14, 2018, at 4.45 pm on December 15, 2018 sharp to avert traffic. All are expected to come to the venue in full costume (as there are too many performers) by 5.30 pm sharp. Please send tracks by to with number , name and date of performance.carry a pen drive too with you and hard copy.(Nandlal Rele - 09820029289).
All adviced not to exceed time of 5 mins Solo and 6-7 mins group (Tata Theatre).

Please note time should be strictly followed


December 12, 2018 at Royal Opera House 6.30 pm

(Mama Paramanand Marg, Opera House, Girgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004)

Inaugural Evening

* Welcome address – Section President Lata Surendra

Lighting the light

  1. Ashley Lobo's  Navdhara India Dance Theatre (NIDT)

  2. Address by Dr. Mr. Constantin Kontogiannis – Vice President, Paris Section CID

  3. Reaching out by Ms Smita Gik Parikh

  4. Acknowledging of dignitaries & Sponsors
    Evening comes to life with performances by legends & seasoned Artists

  5. Padmashri Darshana Jhaveri – the legendary Manipuri Exponent, Researcher & Scholar

  6. Legendary Smt Saswati Sen – Foremost disciple of distinguished Maestro Padma Vibhushan Shri Birju Maharaj

  7. Deepak Mazumdar – Renowned Bharata Natyam Exponent, Teacher & Choreographerv

  8. Kalashri Lata Surendra – Section Presidentof Dadar – Mumbai Section of International dance Council

  9. Ssumier S Pasricha – (celebrity Indian actor and comedian) reaches out with Kuchipudi

  10. Ms Neha Bannerjee, Omkaar Gothad & Abhishek Bohara

  11. Deep Dance Academy (India)

  12. Maya Devi (Italy)

  13. Soni School of Garba

  14. Teenagers Crew: Rohan Pawar & Team

December 13, 2018

Pt V D Paluskar Sabhagriha

(Nagbrahma Mandir, Madhusudan Kalelkar Marg, Kala Nagar, Bandra East, Mumbai – 400051)

  1. Manisha Jeet & Disciples
  2. Renu Sharma & Disciples
  3. Dr Raghunath Manet
  4. Sushma Gopinath,Rohit Gopinath & other disciples of Sushma Gopinath
  5. Fiona Gardner
  6. Rashmi Mishra
  7. Sreejith T.R
  8. Moli Sidharth & disciples
  9. Simran Godhwani
  10. Diego Marin
  11. Sunil Sunkara & Paullumi Mukherjee
  12. Charanya Gurusathya
  13. Disciples of Simran Godhwani
  14. Disciples of Dr Raghunath
  15. Disciples of Sushma Bane
  16. Shyamal Pawar
  17. Ankur Bhallal
  18. Charushila Golam & Paullumi Mukherjee
  19. Deepa Annadatte & disciples
  20. Disciples of Asha Sunilkumar

Timing is strictly 5 MINS SOLO AND 7 MINS GROUP - (choice of items may vary)

DEC 14, 2018, 6.30 PM


(Sir Dorab Tata Road, NCPA Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400021)

  1. Ashley Lobo's: Navdhara India Dance Theatre (NIDT)
  2. Disciples of Asha Sunilkumar
  3. Gita Vijayshanker & disciples
  4. Jayeeta Dutta
  5. Deep Dance Academy
  6. Renu Sharma & Disciples
  7. Dr Raghunath Manet
  8. Rohit Gopinath & other disciples of Sushma Gopinath
  9. Charanya Gurusathya
  10. Neha Bannerjee & team
  11. Abhishek Rathod
  12. Ms Jhumpa Chakraborty & Disciples
  13. Shyamal Pawar
  14. Ankur Bhallal
  15. Moli Siddharth & disciples
  16. Simran Godhwani
  17. Sunil Sunkara & Paullumi Mukherjee
  18. Rashmi Mishra
  19. Disciples of Sushma Bane
  20. Charushila Golam & (Lavani Samrat) Pramod Kandalker
  21. Disciples of Simran Godhwani
  22. Deepa Annadatte & disciples
  23. Manisha Jeet & Disciples

December 15, 2018, at ISKCON 6.30 PM

(Hare Krishna Land, Sri Mukteshwar Devalaya Road, Marg, Sainath Nagar, MHADA Colony, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400490)

Performances by legends and Seasoned Artists in the field of classical dance:

* Ileana Citaristi

* Jayaprabha Menon

* Kalashri Lata Surendra

* Dr Raghunath Manet

* Vyjayanthi Kashi & Prateeksha Kashi

* Sheela Mehta

* A contemporary dance performance by Fiona Gardner (Australia)

* Deep Dance Academy (India)

* Diego Marin (Mexico)

* Peter de Grasse & J.J. Gregg (USA)

* Manisha Jeet & disciples

* Sunil Sunkara, Rohit Gopinath, Ankur Bhallal, Kalishwar Pillai, Abhishek Rathod


Do carry your pen drive with music for the day to performance venues . Please note do come with your make – up etc done as green rooms cannot accommodate all

PLEASE SEND tracks asap BY to as per date of your performances and in the heading

please put your name as it is listed here . Post sending please call

Mr Nandlal Rele and ascertain +919820029289 . Do carry your pen drive with music

for the day to performance venues . Please note do come with your make – up etc

done as green rooms cannot accommodate all.

CLOSING CEREMONY December 16, 2018 (9.00 am to 1 pm)

❀ Grand Ballroom – Taj Airport Hotel

❀ Welcome Address by Section President Ms Lata Surendra

❀ Reaching out Hon Amruta.D.Fadnavis

❀ Reaching out by Ms Smita Gik Parikh

❀ Acknowledging of dignitaries &Sponsors

❀ Concluding Address by Dr. Mr Constantin Kontogiannis


➮ A collective finale by participants
➮ Ms Neha Bannerjee
➮ Ms Jhumpa Chakraborty & Disciples
➮ Ms Renu Sharma & team
(Mave Velo, Caroline Liechti, Albena Horozova) (SWITZERLAND)

❀ Distribution of Certificates to conferees

❀ Vote Of thanks

*This program is subject to small changes. The final program for each day

will be posted at the entrance of each room.





- Lata Surendra

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