Message from Shigeru Aoyagi

Director and UNESCO Representative for Bhutan, India,Maldives and Sri Lanka

on the occasion of the First International Dance Congress of International Dance Union (CID) in India

7 -11 December 2016


Dance is a universal language of expression that transcends all barriers. Its roots are ancient as performances have been an integral part of cultures during rituals, seasonal celebrations, and other ceremonial occasions. Over centuries various dance forms evolved in different cultures and have spread across regions. Dance has a powerful ability to break barriers both within oneself and outside.

The International Dance Union and the Dance Congress organised by it is an initiative to uphold and celebrate the universal spirit of dance by bringing together the global dance fraternity on a common platform.

The first International Dance Congress being hosted in India is indeed an exciting development. India is home to various classical and folk dance traditions and dance practitioners. It is also home to the biggest film industry in the world, a burgeoning television industry, and several independent dance studios all of which present opportunities for professional and aspiring performing artists. However, much more needs to be done to promote dance and other arts forms to ensure their continuity and evolution. Not many dancers or artists are able to earn sustained income from their artistic skills despite undergoing years of intensive training.

UNESCO Delhi is working with the governments at state level to promote an enabling environment for the diversity of cultural expressions, harness the

potential of the creative sector – both traditional and contemporary - and to protect and promote the intangible cultural heritage including the rich performing arts. It has also initiated work towards making dance accessible for the visually impaired under its programme of making culture accessible to people with disabilities.

I congratulate the organisers for bringing this enriching forum to India where all forms of dance can come together, and choreographers, dance teachers, dance therapists, dance film directors, art historians, sociologists, etc. have the opportunity to interact and learn from each other. I wish you all the very best in your endeavours!

Shigeru Aoyagi

Director and UNESCO Representative for Bhutan, India, Maldives, and Sri Lanka



WEDNESDAY 07 Dec’2016

Preview Theatre – Hotel Sahara Star

Opp. Domestic Airport, Vile Parle East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099


10:00 - 01:00   Recovery of identification badge (required at entrances),

Please take care and wear it for the Congress attendance





Oyster Hall, Hotel Sahara Star ( by special Invites )

Inauguration with lighting of the lamp

By renowned Celebrity- Ms Aishwarya Rai Bachhan,

Prof. Mr. Alkis Raftis – President of the International Dance Council,

Dr. Mr. Constantin Kontogiannis - Vice-President, Paris Section CID Mayor of VVMC - Ms Pravina Thakur

Ms. Adamantia Angeli, Executive Director CID,

Ms. Vanessa Malgorzata Szymanska, Dance heads and dignitaries


Opening address by Prof. Dr. Alkis Raftis, Chairman of the Congress

Welcome address – Section President Lata Surendra

Evening comes to life with Latin and Ballroom Dancer Sandip Soparrkar & Super model Alesia Raut

Ashley Lobo’s  Navdhara India Dance Theatre (NIDT)

Kalashri Lata Surendra & Sanjukta Wagh with disciples

Welcome evening with conferees introducing themselves wherever seated/ Official photographs /press call


THURSDAY 08 Dec’2016

( LECTURE)   Preview Theatre   Hotel Sahara Star


Chair : Dr Suman Badami / Renu Sharma

09.40     Dr Uma Rele  ( India) 
The Three ‘E’s in Performing Arts”

10.00     Paullomi Mukherjee (Kathak) & Charushila Golam ( Lavani) (India)
Kathak &Lavani – a meeting point

10. 20     Ms Savvy Raj Radhakrishnan ( India)
“Why Dance Matters? “

The Relevance of Dance in the context of Education and Community at large

10.40     Mr  Alberto L. Dimarucut (Phillipines)
The Creation of a centre for Dance at the University of
Philipines :
A policy advocacy plan by Alberto L.Dimarucut

11.00     Padmashri Darshana Jhaveri
‘Temple to the stage through the folds of Manipuri’

11.20     Mr  Sandip Soparrkar (India)
The colors of Ballroom Style Dances ‘then to now’

11.40     Ms.Sanjukta Wagh (India)
The vital need of an interdisciplinary and context based understanding
and approach in the Indian classical and contemporary dance

12.00     Dr Sailaja Desai (India)
The Relevance of Dance within the Context of Education & Community at Large

12.20     Simran Godhwani   (India)
Indian Dance Jewellery

12.40     Dr Tina Tambe   (India)
"Changing trends in the inculcating and imbibing of the Dance in a changing world"

(WORKSHOP)                THURSDAY 08 Dec’2016

Oyster Hall         Hotel Sahara Star

9 .30     Jigar Soni & Suhrad Soni (India)
Hit the Garba Floor with " Soni's School of Garba Dance"

10.00     Sanjukta Wagh (India)
Moving between the lines

A workshop exploring improvisation as a studio based practice for dancers
and movers across forms in relation to sound and text.

10.30     Dr Uma Rele   (India)
Communication through the three ‘E’s in Performing Arts”
Emotions, Expressions and Experience

11.00     Gregory Glade Hancock (USA)
Nuances of the contemporary dance style

11.30     Phane Jayanthi Sen  (USA)
‘In step with the times’

a contemporary dressing and approach to the traditional

12.00     Sean Gavan (Netherlands)
Introduction to Irish Dance

12.30     Sandip Soparrkar (India)
Ballroom dancing with Sandeep Soparrkar

(LECTURE )  FRIDAY  09 Dec’2016

Preview Theatre  Hotel Sahara Star

Chair: Dr Uma Rele / Sandip Soparrkar/ Smita Shastri

09.40     Renu Sharma- (India)
In the transition of the dance from ‘then to now’ has the dance lost out to the dancer?
SPECIFIC APPROACH: bridging the generation gap

                                                              10.00        Presentation in absentia

                          International audio- visual collaboration Project - Maja  Carcano - France,

            Pujita Jyoti- India, Rujeko Dumbutshena- Zimbabwe

                        & Cuba,  Gonzalo Burgoa- Argentina,  Martha Zepedia - USA, Gabriella  Estrada-                                              Spain, Mexico &USA

                                                      Travesias: Our journeys through Art &Education’

10.20     Dr Sucheta Bhide Chapekar (India)
The relation of texts & tradition in the context of Indian Classical Dance."

10.40     Jhelum Paranjape (India)
Changing trends in the Kinesthetics of Odissi in a changing environment

11.00     Padma Bhushan Dr Kanak Rele (India)
Movement Science

11.20     Vyjayanthi Kashi   (India)
Re-Scribing Tradition

11.40     Jigar Thaleswar Soni  (India)
Drawing attention to the authentic tradition of Garba dance

12.00     Medha Dixit ( India)

Indian classical dance - A way to holistic development

12.20     Regina M Vallejos (Brunei)
Setting up a studio in a country other than one's own -specific area of Brunei

12.40     Pujita Krishna Jyoti (India)
The ritualistic, ceremonial and dance operatic, communicative legacy of Vilasini Natyam

(WORKSHOP )                     FRIDAY  09 Dec' 2016


OYSTER HALL   Hotel Sahara Star


9 .30     Nirmal Singh (India)
'Moving into fitness with folk movements'

10.00     Dr Vyjayanti Kashi  (India)
Catharsis through kinesthetics - Natya element in Kuchipudi

10.30     Alberto L.Dimarucut& Riza L.Lim (Philipines)
KIMUT: An Innovative Used of Dance in Community Cultural Development by Riza Lim and Alberto Dimarucut

11.00     Deep Mehta (India)
Indian kinesthetics to contemporary Dance

         11.30     Abhishek Rathod ( India)
Party mania through Bollywood dance

                                                                 12.00    Sean Gavan –Netherlands  

                              Throwing further light on Irish Dance

                                                                  12.30     Dr Sucheta Bhide Chapekar (India)

                                                                                     The language of Gesture’

                            13.00     Gregory Glade Hancock (USA)
                                        Abigail Lessaris
                                              Contemporaray Dance Style

(LECTURE )            SATURDAY  10 Dec' 2016


Preview Theatre   Hotel Sahara Star

Chair:                   Dr Sailaja Desai / Renu Sharma

09.30     Sunil Sankara (India)
Topic : Deflections and Similarities  in Kathak poses by Kathakaars of the
Lucknow Gharana today and those highlighted in the illustrative texts  on Rahas
(Equivalent of Raas or Dance of Shringaar) in the Book 'Banni' authored by the Patron of
Kathak Nawab Wajid Ali Shah in the 19th Century

09.50     Dr Suman Badami  (India)
In the transition of the dance from ‘then to now’ has the dance lost out to the dancer?

10.10     Bhakti Deshpande  (India)
Comparative study of teaching techniques between Multiple Intelligence theory of Howard Gardner
and Traditional Guru-Shishya Parampara in Indian classical performing arts'.

                        10.30     Richha Dhagg     (India)  WORKSHOP
             Basic Kathak Hastha mudrayein
(Hand gestures specific to Kathak).

10.50     Smita Shastri  (India)
Kuchipudi Dance form as a means to connect Communities
through tradition, transition and transformation

11.20     Medha Dixit  (India)     WORKSHOP

Abhinaya as a communication medium in Bharata Natyam

11. 50     M. Gauravi Reddy (India)
DVD presentation

12.20     Dhiman Sankar Mukherjee ( India)
DVD presentation of Choreographies

                                              12.50       Dr Sandhya Purecha –India   WORKSHOP

                                                                Desi karanas from ancient Indian treatises




SATURDAY      10 Dec’2016


(WORKSHOP )           OYSTER HALL Hotel Sahara Star


9.00     Hitesh Kothari  (India )
(G Dance Fitness & Group)
‘Fitness through dance moves’

9 .30     Deepak Mazumdar (India)
Throwing light on the ‘Nayaka’ – Man in the woman’s world

10.00     Dhiman Sankar Mukherjee- India
‘The Creative part of a dancer’

10.30     Jhelum Paranjape (India )
Adaptability of Animal Movements in Odissi to any Dance form

11.00     Renu Sharma (India)
The exploration of cultural diversity and the creation of common ground through dance 
Adaptable content which will be altered according to the type of participants

11.30     Asha Sunilkumar (India )
“Dance as a discipline”
Throwing light on the visual symmetry inherent in the pure dance
aspects of Bharata Natyam

12.00     Paullomi Mukherjee & Charushila Golam (India)
Moving into moments with  ‘ Lavani &Kathak ‘

12.30     Regina M Vallejos (Brunei)
‘Stepping into ballet’ - Introduction to basic kinesthetics of ballet

13.00     Gregory Blade Hancock Company Team


PERFORMANCES  in the evenings at three different Venues

Bus for Delegates from abroad and only those conferees who have come from outside Mumbai and staying in the stipulated hotels around the Hotel Sahara Star in the link of the section will leave at 4 pm on Dec8’2016 sharp to avert traffic. All are expected to come to the venue in full costume (as there are too many performers ) by 5.30pm sharp. Please send tracks by to with number , name and date of performance.carry a pen drive too with you and hard copy.(Nandlal Rele- 09823215486)



DEC 8’2016, Experimental Theatre,NCPA,Mumbai 6.30 pm


National Center for the Peforming Arts, Sir Dorab Tata Road, NCPA Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400021

Introduction – Lata surendra

Opening by Mr Alkis Raftis


National Center for the Peforming Arts, Sir Dorab Tata Road, NCPA Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400021


                 Introduction – Lata surendra


            Ashley Lobo –  Navdhara India Dance Theatre (NIDT)

              Asha Sunilkumar & Disciples /Urban fusion by Pooja Kannan

Jayashree Nair & Disciples

Nalanda Dance Academy

Abhishek Rathod &Team

Sandip Soparrkar Ballroom Studio

Renu Sharma & Team

Archana Karry

Paullomi Mukherjee &Charushila Golam

Gita Vijayshanker & disciples

Medha Dixit Vellal

Jayeeta Durtta

Sushama Gopinath / Rohit Gopinath & Disciples

Dhiman Sanker Mukherjee

Bhakti Deshpande

 Nirmal singh

Tadepally Satyanarayana Sarma

Phane Jayanti Sen

Simran Godhwani

Dr Suman Badami & Dr Sailaja Desai

Smriti Raj Agarwal

Remya Jagdish Verma &disciples

Richa Dagg &Sunil Sunkara

Disciples of Lata Surendra/Disciples of Dr Tina Tambe

Deep Dance Academy

Soni School of Garba 


A preview :


Sean gavan , Regina M Vallejos Alberto Dimarcut & Riza L Lim, Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre

All adviced not to exceed time of 4 to 5 mns Solo and 6-7mns group. Please note that as its NCPA on Dec 8’2016 all group performances should fall within 8 mns .If solo then 6mns only

DEC 9‘2016   ISKCON AUDITORIUM, Juhu Mumbai 6.30 PM

Iskcon Auditorium , Juhu Church Road, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049


Bus For Delegates from Abroad and only conferees who have come from outside Mumbai and staying in the stipulated hotels around the Hotel Sahara Star in the link of the section will leave on Dec9’2016 at 5 pm so that you can also see the Juhu beach .

Performers of the evening will be taken earlier around 4 pm

Artists of the evening :


* Sanjukta Wagh
Performer, choreographer, teacher and curator, Sanjukta Wagh is the founder of the Beej School of Kathak. She is the recent recipient of the Vinod Doshi award for significant work in performing arts. Her most recent dance theatre work, Rage and Beyond: Irawati’s Gandhari won two National Theatre Awards at META, 2015.


*Dr Sucheta Bhide Chapekar
Dr Suchita Bhide Chaphekar is a renowned Bharatanatyam exponent, teacher, researcher & Choreographer and the founder of Kalavardhini Trust . A recipient of several awards and honours, she stands out for her unique contribution to dance with the creation of "Nritya Ganga", a Bharatanatyam concert which has about 80 compositions, all based on Hindustani classical music.


*Padmashri Devayani (Annick Chaymotty)
Is a Renowned French dancer who has regaled audiences  all over the Globe with her awareness of  the Indian classical  dance style of Bharata Natyam. She is the recipient of several Awards, the highest being the Padmashree - 2015, Ministry of Culture, India.


*Dr Tina Tambe & Disciples
Dr Tina Tambe is an accomplished Kathak Exponent of the Jaipur Gharana style, teacher & choreographer and the organizer of the Ninad Concert Series: She has been awarded with Nalanda Nritya Nipun by Nalanda Dance & Research Center, Singarmani by Sur Singar Samsad and Pt. Kartikram Kalanidhi Puruskar & several other awards for her contribution to KathaK


*Padmashri Darshana Jhaveri & her Senior disciple Latasana Devi
Padmashri Darshana Jhaveri is a renowned classical Manipuri Dancer, Research scholar, teacher is one of the four internationally renowned Jhaveri Sisters whose name is synonymous with Manipuri . A recipient of several awards and honours , she has illuminated the intricacies and beauty of her chosen art form for audiences all over the globe.


*Kalashri Lata Surendra
Section President – Dadar-Mumbai Section of CID is a renowned Bharata Natyam exponent, teacher, choreographer, Poetess, curator and free-lance writer . Her Institution –Anjali Bharata Natyam research Trust has completed its silver jubilee. She is the recipient of several awards and notable amongst them is the Kalashri Puraskaram from the Kerala Sangeet Natak Akademi award (2013). .She is actively concerned with propogating the art form to underprivileged children in Vasai-Virar region and Prateesha colony –Sion East, Mumbai. .


*Gregory Glade Hancock Dance Theatre
Gregory Glade Hancock
is the founder, Artistic Director and principal choreographer for Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre (GHDT), a professional contemporary dance company from the USA. He has over 140 dance works for the company’s expansive repertoire and has created choreography for dance companies, universities and schools throughout the USA, Europe and India.


*Vyjayanthi Kashi
She is a renowned & acclaimed Kuchipudi Exponent, Teacher, Choreographer, Researcher & Chairperson of the Karnataka Sangeetha Nritya Academy . She is the artistic director of the Shambhavi School of Dance, who has several awards to her credit and has won recognition for elevating the dance form in the written, spoken &delineated word.


*Jhelum Paranjape & Disciples
Jhelum Paranjape is a renowned exponent,a meticulous teacher, an innovative choreographer of Odissi & the Director of Smitalay . She is the recipient of several awards notable among them - Mahari Award 2005, Sanjukta Panigrahi National Award & Kumar Gandharva Award.. She is keenly interested in recreating the traditional Odissi repertoire in a group format, and is also involved in a number of projects of choreography for corporate houses, companies and award functions.


*Nalanda Dance Research Centre,Mumbai
‘SANTAVAANI’ - Dr Uma Rele & Disciples
Dr. Uma Rele, the Principal of Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya, is an exponent, choreographer and researcher of Bharatanatyam and also the visiting faculty member for various educational institutes and Universities in India and abroad. She has several awards to her credit and she is intent upon promoting the significance of dance education in India and furthering the growth of Nalanda, founded by Padmabhushan Dr Kanak Rele, that has produced several professional dancers who are established dancers and teachers in their own right all over the globe.


*Sandip Soparrkar Ballroom Studio

Sandip Soparrkar is a renowned Latin and Ballroom dancer and a noted Bollywood choreographer, who has been bestowed with the National Excellence and National Achievement Award by the Govt of India. For his work in the in the field of dance & Choreography. He is the pioneer of ‘India Dance Week', a dance platform that brings to the forefront varied Indian and International dance forms.


*Deepak Mazumdar : Performer,Teacher,Choreographer these are the three attributes that describe Deepak Mazumdar, the dedicated Bharat Natyam exponent. Deepak holds a Master of Fine Arts (dance) degree with distinction having specialized in Bharat Natyam & is the recipient of the prestigious "National Scholarship in Dance" instituted by the Govt. of India. A name to reckon with, Bharatanatyam Guru and scholar Prof .Deepak Mazumdar known for hisinnovative choreographies , has been active in the field for over four decades


*Smita Shastri Smita Shastri, the founder of the Nartan School of Classical Dances, Ahmedabad is a renowned Kuchipudi exponent, a committed teacher, a choreographer with a vision and an innovator in the field for over four and a half decade . Along with her disciples of the Narthan School of Classical Dances, showcase the subtle nuances of the dance style culminating in ‘Alaya Nrithyam’ wherein the feet of the dancer paints on canvas whilst yet embracing the syntax & aesthetics of the dance.




The bus for delegates from abroad and only conferees who have come from outside Mumbai and staying in the stipulated hotels around the Hotel Sahara Star in the link of the section will leave on Dec10’2016 at 5 pm . All are kindly expected to come to the venue in full costume as there are too many performers by 5.30pm sharp. Please send tracks by to with number, name and date of performance. Carry a pen drive too with you and hard copy


Lineup of Artists at Bandra, Carter Road,Dec10’2016



  1. Deep Dance Academy
  2. Tina Tambe & Disciples
  3. Renu Sharma & Team
  4. Abhishek Rathod &Team
  5. Disciples of Nalanda Dance Research Centre
  6. Asha Sunilkumar & Disciples / Urban fusion by Pooja Kannan
  7. Gregory Glade Hancock Dance Theatre
  8. M.Gauravi
  9. Regina M Vallejos
  10. Sanjukta Wagh & disciples
  11.  Charushila Golam & Team
  12. Sushama Gopinath & Rohit Gopinath Disciples
  13. Carlota Perez Fernandez
  14. Ms Pujita Krishna Jyoti
  15. Sandip Soparrkar Ballroom Studio
  16. Shyama Sugesh /Remya jagdish Verma
  17. Disciples of Nalanda Dance Research Centre
  18. Phane Jayanthi Sen, Simran Godhwani
  19. Dr Suman Badami,  Smriti Raj Agarwal  & Dr Sailaja Desai
  20. Sunil Sunkara & Paullomi Mukherjee
  21. Prithika Kalpa Gandhi
  22. Ananya Govitrikar &Madhura Koparkar
  23. Jayeeta Dutta/Medha Dixit / Phane Jayanthi Sen
  24. Sean Gavan and team
  25. Alberto Dimarucut & Riza L Lim
  26. Dhiman Sanker Mukherjee
  27. Soni School Of Garba






CLOSING CEREMONY from 9 .00 am to 12 noon

For Registered delegates & Invitees only

Lighting of Lamp
By Hon Smt Amruta D.Phadnavis

(W/o Shri Devendra Phadnavis (Chief Minister Of Maharashtra)

Prof. Mr. Alkis Raftis – President of the International Dance Council

Dr. Mr. Constantin Kontogiannis - Vice-President, Paris Section CID

Ms Pravina Thakur - Mayor of VVMC

Ms Manisha Ashok Chauhary- MLA & Leader of the BJP-Dahisar Constituency.

Ms. Adamantia Angeli - Executive Director CID,

Ms. Vanessa Malgorzata Szymanska, Concluding Address by Prof Alkis Raftis

Vote Of Thanks by Section President- Kalashri Lata Surendra

Performances by Gregory Glade Hancock Dance Theatre,

                      Carlota Perez Fernandez, Padmashri Devayani

 Distribution of Certificates to conferees by
Hon Smt Amruta
Ms Pravina Thakur,
Ms Manisha Ashok Chauhary,
Ms. Adamantia Angeli



At 2pm a city tour arranged for delegates, shopping etc.



This program is subject to small changes. The final program for each day will be posted at the entrance of each room.





-Lata Surendra


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